The purpose of UnderCloud project is to provide the performance data definition, performance datasets and tools to facilitate the design, validation, and comparison of performance analysis models and algorithms for Cloud Computing Systems (CCS). One of the main reasons for the creation of the UnderCloud project is the current lack of information that can help in understanding and defining how to measure availability, reliability and non-repudiation of Cloud Computing Systems. Actual measurement of concepts such as price, performance, time to completion (availability), likelihood of completion (probability of failure) and penalty (non-repudiation) are key to being able to compare services or to establish Service Level Agreements (SLA) for CCS.
In particular, the UnderCloud project contains the following:

  • A definition of performance data, which will be used to create models for analyzing the performance of CCS.
  • Performance datasets of CCS, differing in scale and granularity, which contributes to create models to analyse concepts as availability, non-repudiation, capacity, etc.
  • Tools and recommendations to perform the analysis of performance of CCS.

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